Mar 10

The Behemoth

In the beginning there were lots of big boards.

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Mar 10

Brookey is 7!

Leave it to Brooke to pick a 17 year old movie for the theme of her 7th birthday party.

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Dec 09

Sirius Goes Camping

So the Wente Family went camping at the beach this weekend. Well, it sounded like a good idea when we planned it a month ago and Brian was going to have the day off to pack and get us ready. Let’s just say Karen is not a camper and a few comfort items were left at home. But after all was said and done we actually had some fun. Especially Sirius! He thinks Fort Desoto Park Doggie Beach is the best place ever. He can’t wait to go camping again!

Oct 09

A Sirius Update

He's a big boy now! 6 months old and 57 lbs.

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Sep 09

It Was All Her Idea

After trying to talk her into learning to ride a big girl bike for a year, Brooke finally rode her bike with no training wheels today. In a skirt and flip flops none-the-less!