Oct 09

A Sirius Update

He's a big boy now! 6 months old and 57 lbs.

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Oct 09

Newest Additions to the Wente Zoo

Brooke has been begging for a turtle since before her birthday in March. We looked around a bit and decided stuffed ones would do just fine. If you know Brooke you know that was wishful thinking on our part. The requests became less frequent but she continued asking for a pet turtle. Her persistence paid off, and today she finally became the proud owner of 2 little yellow belly slider turtles. A friend at school bought them for her son and he decided they weren’t any fun so we offered to “adopt” them. Brooke is excited as can be about her new pets. For now they are living in the bathroom for instant hand washing after any contact with them. And even I have to admit they are darn cute.

Meet Max...

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Sep 09

It Was All Her Idea

After trying to talk her into learning to ride a big girl bike for a year, Brooke finally rode her bike with no training wheels today. In a skirt and flip flops none-the-less!


Aug 09

A Trip to the Beach

In New Symrna Beach they allow driving on the beach. Which is great because we don't have to haul all our boards, coolers, and toys to the beach.

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Aug 09

Newest Member of the Carpool

Sirius likes to ride to school with me to drop off and pick up Brooke.


As long as he gets to ride shotgun.